Patricia Wu Wu is a fashion designer currently pursuing a research-by-(fashion)-design practice at the Edinburgh College of Art. She is also a tutor in Design Informatics, part of University of Edinburgh. Previously, she completed her masters in Fashion & Textiles at the Glasgow School of Art and an undergraduate degree in Textiles Design at the Arts University of Bournemouth. Her current research concerns concepts of distributing agency in response to the Anthropocene discourse. She approaches this in relation to exploring different modalities of imagining and inhabiting the body in ways beyond human registers. Through practices of fictioning, which involves a heterogenous assemblage of using algorithmic simulation, diagramming, digital fabrication and performance, she creates conceptual material expressions for the body that seek to intensify fashion towards new thresholds of material perceptibility. 


Prior to her research investigation, Patricia has worked at Iris Van Herpen, Derek Lawlor as well as with textiles manufacturing firms during her placement at the Zhejiang Fashion & Textiles College in Ningbo (China), where she also taught courses on experimental material practices to students. She has showcased her work at Milan Design Week, Berlin Fashion Film Festival, New Designers London, the Museu Disseny Hub and Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh. During her doctoral studies, she has presented her research in academic conferences such as Aalto University 2017, 'Art, Materiality and Representation' 2018 conference in British Museum, 'Quite Frankly' 2018 in Perth, Australia, 'Art in the Anthropocene' 2019 in Trinity College Dublin, Birmingham City University 2019, 'Control, Code, Construct' 2019 in Edinburgh College of Art. She is also a member of the ArcInTex European network, RAFT research network and Critical Change within Edinburgh College of Art.