"Life in space can only occur Temporarily

In a dormant state –

A cold, ice-covered moon 

Of some distant planet."

Eugene Thacker, 'In the Dust of this Planet' (2011).



Anamnesis (from Greek), meaning ‘remembrance’, is the recollection of a past from a supposed previous existence.

This project erupts as a collaboration with fellow PhD candidate in Architecture by Design Asad Khan. It sets out as a speculative probe to investigate the concept of ‘Anamnesis’, present in the latency of LiDAR point cloud visualisation, and in the dormant state of the slime mould Physarum polycephalum. Both cast out to attain a non-anthropomorphic perception that operates as as a mechanism of breeding new thought-species, to enable alternative politics of decay in fashion design and architecture, as well as addressing the issues of current ecological crisis. The project exhibits the results of a series of collaborative activities disseminated through workshops. This was conducted at Edinburgh College of Art with a visit to ASCUS during the ArcInTex conference event in April 2018 hosted by RAFT research network. 


Funding: Devolved Researcher Funding (ECA)

Hosted by: RAFT Research Group (ECA)


External collaboration: ASCUS LAB

Lab Assistance: Miriam Walsh & Dr Jiri Jirout