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Anthropogenic Dust

This project investigates dust as a material signature of the anthropocene, represented as a 3D printed mask and a moving image made in collaboration with Dr Asad Khan. Dust is a material entity, when emitted through anthropogenic acts, carries markers of the Earth's􏰪􏰏􏰌􏰀􏰁􏰈􏰄 exploitation in a heterogeneous texture. Anthropogenic dust lends itself to a unique process of formation, free from solidity, settlement, and stability. The project presents a speculative scenario of a dust-saturated Earth, by conceptualising the human body as a geological force par excellence.

The project consists of two design components:

  • 3D mask: exploring dust in a series of computational design experiments, encompassing algorithmic  morphologies, diagrammatic explorations, generative animations and 3D printed material explorations culminating into a face mask, extrapolated from a point-cloud self-portrait scan.

  • Dust Enforcer: presents a point-cloud moving image constructed through the choreographic capture of my body using a terrestrial scanner. The outcomes include point-cloud data visualisations, design diagrams and a video documentation of the choreographic process.

This project was funded by the Devolved Researcher Funding Award (University of Edinburgh) and culminated in an array of public engagement activities such as exhibitions, public talks and workshops. 

Project type:




Design Research 

2018 - 2019

Agent-based Simulation, Terrestrial Laser Scanning, Digital Fabrication

Design Diagrams, Point-cloud Visualisations, 3D-printed Material Experiments, Moving Image

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