A series of fashion accessories have been produced through the combination of digital and craft-making techniques, to create material assemblages from discarded everyday objects sourced from the Dorset Scrap Store. These include popsicle wooden strips, PVA foam sheets, felt, leftover fabrics and second-hand acrylic sheets collected from the workshop.  


The recollected materials were hand-dyed and laser-cut into traditional Chinese-inspired textiles patterns of chrysanthemums and cloud motifs, which were then further fragmented and enclosed into individually casted and moulded transparent silicone pieces. The joinery technique and shapes adapts to the Japanese armoury suits from the mid 19th century and also looking into Paco Rabanne's plastic dress from the 60s. 

The chainmail body-garments are entangled in the end with a macrame knotting technique which uses PVC plastic tubes originating from the Scoubidou craft toy in the late 50s. The juxtaposition between craft elements and industrial materials digitally designed into repeated assembling patterns, highlights the struggle of a new age that is heading towards a fast and disposable mass consumerism within the world of fashion. Where materiality is being exploited and enhanced to the extent we no longer can differentiate the meaning between organic and synthetic. 

Exhibited in New Designers 2015 London.