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This project presents a unique exploration of geomorphological evolution, simulating tectonic fissures and surface alterations on the earth system across extended scales. The simulation takes remote-sensing imagery of landscapes affected by human-induced climate change as input data to extrapolate novel unseen geo-tectonic forms through simulating the effects of hydraulic soil erosion. The eroding patterns of formation in the work narrates the Anthropocene as a result of planetary scale computation, in which the Earth as a mega-archive, has been mobilised into a sprawling sensing machine.


Funded by Creative Informatics, the work contributed to the ‘AI Fashion Co-creation’ R&D project collaboration between Away to Mars fashion tech company, University of Arts London researchers Dr Shama Rahman, Professor Jane Harris, and University of Edinburgh senior lecturer Lynne Craig. 

Project type:




Design Research

2021 (Ongoing)

Agent-based Simulation

Generative Animations, Data Visualisations

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