METANOIA  [2016]


Under a blood red sky, a performance of bodies morph between each other. Surrounded by particles charging like electricity, a sense of a ritualistic alchemy awakens. The transmutation of bodies into matter begin to conduct a rumbustious choreography of energy accumulation, leading to the absorption of becoming a one red mass.


An animated fashion film in collaboration with architectural designer and researcher Asad Khan. Based on the concept of Impermanence, the film tries to embody the underlying essence of my fashion collection by documenting the process of decaying matter. The materialisation of the immaterial transforms into a disturbing aesthetic of destruction through which the screen acts as a canvas for the maker to draw upon. The narrative of the film depicts the transformation of matter undergoing changes resurrected from beneath. Collecting all of our desires and deadly sins, it evokes the innermost of ourselves whereby the clothing acts as a metaphor for the by-product of our own ego; slowly swallowing us into an infinite whirlpool of darkness.


Featured in Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2017  

Creators Vice 2017