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Morphogenetic Design

A series of research experiments exploring morphogenetic design principles through the integration of non-conventional additive manufacturing processes, advanced computation and bio-design strategies by means of robotic extrusion. Morphogenesis refers to the evolutionary development of an organism, whose interactions with the environment over time, result in complex forms behavioural patterns. The following series emphasise on a material-informed approach to computation, drawing from the emergent characteristics of matter to develop novel human-computer-matter interactions at the scale of the body and beyond.

With thanks to: 

UCL Bartlett B-Pro staff faculty (Soomeen Hahm, Daniel Widrig, Thomas Bagnoli, Evgenia Makouglou, Darshan Singhania and Kelly Mouzaki); Co-de-It Research Studio members (Alessandro Zomparelli and Andrea Graziano); Officina Corpuscoli; Fashion designers (Martina Carosella, Giuseppe Cotugno and Francesco Antici); Aalto University Staff members (Oldouz Moslemian and Mohite Ashish).

Project type:




Independent Computational Design Research

March - October 2017

Procedural Modelling, Cloth Modelling, Additive Manufacturing, Robotic Bio-extrusion, Analogue Fabrication

3D Printed Textiles Structures, Wearables, Architectural Installation, Bio-fabricated Artefacts

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