The project draws upon the story of Franz Kafka’s ‘The Cares of a Family Man’, where a purposeless creature named Odradek, outlives human life. 

The creation of Odradek begins with an energetic matter coming into being, a matter of secretion and liberation, from which billions of particles are emitted within 200 frames per second and computed into ongoing spaces of transformation. During this emission process, the particles formation are manipulated with turbulent and swarming forces, until a desired object is meshed, mirrored and cloned into dense material clusters. The chosen geometries capture the multiple instances of its becoming, into a moment frozen in time, which is presented in the form of a 3D printed face mask, embracing itself as the Odradek that will outlive its wearer.

The result exhibits an emergent aesthetic behaviour performed between the communication of machine language and the transition of materiality, disrupting and mutating the original geometry forms into gradients of growth and decay. 

Exhibited at the Tent Gallery as part of RAFT Research Network 'Materiality' Exhibition from 21 - 27 June 2018 and in Fira de Barcelona October 2018 as part of the RESHAPE 'Sensing Materialities' Wearable Technology Competition.