"Symphorophilia is a paraphilia in which sexual arousal involves staging and watching a disaster, such as a fire or a traffic accident. The term was coined by John Money in his 1984 paper Paraphilias: Phenomenology and classification, formed from the Greek root συμφορά (symphora)."

It is the year of abhorrence, disturbance, chaos and delusion. Fashion, in search of ecstasy, exhorts a new aesthetic infatuation. A carnal materialism drawn upon the extremities of man-made destruction and consumption, all cluttered in a junk-like state corroding the fleshy body.  

We have entered a saturated world, where fashion is for the mere paradoxical pleasure of both fascination and eradication, transforming itself into a whimsical display manifested in our actions. This plethora of temptations, sins and opulence, have become the masturbation apparatus of our corporeal beings, succumbed to symphorophilia as an embodied aesthetics. 

A series of fashion visualisations have been produced, as a design speculation into the changing aesthetic vision of the fashioned body in the post-human age. Procedural and experimental simulations have been applied to the body, to emit vivid and ferocious dress representations with the possibility to be translated into Rapid prototyping forms.


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